Welcome to Dionora,your boutique country house .

The roads that wind through hills and valleys leading to the "Noble" village of Montepulciano are some of the most enchanting in Tuscany. Once you turn onto the access road to "Dionora" you will be irresistibly drawn to the wonderful light and space, as well as the scents of the unspoiled woods. It's a land of fairy tales reigned by a vast stillness where you can still breathe an air of antiquity, a luxury farmhouse with charme and high quality service.


"Dionora", with its  buildings that overlook the villages of Pienza and Montefollonico, has an unobtrusive presence, as though it doesn't wish to disturb the beauty of nature's proportions. The villa itself is cozy but refined and elegant in its details. The rooms are few; each one is different from the others and they're furnished as though they are an integral part of the house itself. The longer you stay at "Dionora" the more taken you will be with the captivating and delicate features of the countryside, whose magic will leave an impression such that you'll want to return. We'll be waiting…

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