Calici di Stelle

The proud labels of Montepulciano will reveal themselves to the eno-passionists, commencing at 5pm in the Piazza Grande, where around 50 Montepulciano cellars will be open for tastings of their own reds. The theme of the event is sustainability, with the choice of a glass carrier in eco-leather, and responsible consumption, thanks to the free distribution of alcohol tests. The Calici di Stelle is an event designed to promote the quality of local produce, from glass to plate. The 8 Contrade of the Bravio delle Botti, will open their seats for visitors to taste authentic local and traditional gastronomic products. Along the city streets there will be a Market of Art and Antiques, typical products direct from the producers, live concerts to brighten up the evening and exhibitions by the group of Flag Throwers and Drummers of Montepulciano. Not to be missed in the salon of the Logge della Mercanzia will be an exhibition at the Galleria Cerri Arte with works by great contemporary artists. On the 11th August the Calici di Stelle will continue in Valiano di Montepulciano. For information about the events and the availability of agriturism, hotel and restaurants etc: - [email protected] Tel 0578.717484.