Thermal Bath

Terme di Chianciano (9 km)

Chianciano, well known since the times of the Etruscans for its beneficial waters, is still today an extremely important reference point in the Italian thermal scene.


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Terme di Bagno Vignoni (19 km)

Baths with current thermomineral waters and natural mud, vaporizations, etc.., for the cares of rheumatisms, arthritises, illness of the skin and of the respiratory apparatusTo these waters resorted also Saint Caterina from Siena and Lorenzo the Magnificent.


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Fonteverde Thermal Center

The thermal spring, named "Ferdinando I de' Medici" in honor of the founder of the first historical thermal springs establishment, feeds inexhaustibly into the center pool of this center with sulphate, calcic, magnesic, flouride- rich water, hyperthermal at 42 degrees Celsius.


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