Arezzo Strategically located on a hill at the convergence of the Valdarno, Casentino and the Valdichiana valleys, ancient Arezzo was one of the richest cities of the etruscan dodecapolis.

Nor it has one of the biggest jewellery industries in Europe and its second most notable industry is forniture-making and marketing antiques. On the first weekend of each month the main square Piazza Grande becomes an enormous antique curiosity shop.

Piazza Grande is also the perfect backdrop for the Giostra del Saracino, a celebration of the feats of arms against saracen pirates who menaced the tyrrhenian coast,and penetrated inland even as far as Arezzo.

You can find its typical Christian medieval architecture in the Pieve di S.Maria, with its beautiful rich facade of going back sculptures to the school of Antelami and with the representation to its inside of “La the Madonna and Santi” of Lorenzetti. A careful and laborious job of restoration has given splendor to “La Legend of the Croce”, that are frescoes of Piero Della Francesca ,conserved to the inside of the Basilica of S.Francesco. The Church of S.Domenico conserve a beautiful Crocifisso of the Cimabue.



Arezzo, 43° 27′ 42.8076″ N, 11° 52′ 47.3736″ E